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At the Michigan Democratic Party's Endorsement Convention, held on April 15 at Cobo Hall, a historic turnout of 6,700 delegates voted to endorse Samuel Bagenstos for the Michigan Supreme Court.  The turnout was fueled by a surge of over 3,000 new members of the Democratic Party. 

"I'm proud to have received the Democratic Party's endorsement," Bagenstos said.  "The incredible turnout highlights what I've seen as I've traveled the state -- that Michiganders are energized for change this November."


“After careful screening UAW members believe that Megan Cavanagh and Sam Bagenstos will judge with integrity and sensitivity to the working men and women of Michigan,” said Dennis Williams President of the UAW.

Bagenstos is a nationally respected litigator of civil rights cases.

A Harvard Law School graduate, Bagenstos clerked for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, served as the number 2 official in the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights division under President Barack Obama and is a Professor at the University of Michigan Law School specializing in Constitutional and Civil Rights.

“Sam Bagenstos is one of the most respected legal minds in the areas of Civil Rights and Constitutional laws. Michigan has an opportunity to elect a Justice whose legal knowledge is nationally recognized and who will ground the Michigan Supreme Court in solid decision making for working families,” said Williams.

Michigan AFL-CIO

“Under the justices that have been appointed by Governor Snyder, Michigan’s Supreme Court has been tilted to favor wealthy special interests over regular working people, and that needs to change:  We need to elect Supreme Court candidates this year who will fight to build a justice system in Michigan that is open, fair, and treats everyone equally."

Sam Bagenstos is an "outstanding candidate with impeccable credentials."


Michigan Association for Justice

"MAJ is proud to support two extremely well-qualified candidates who will bring balance back to the Michigan Supreme Court. For too long, the Court has been heavily tilted in favor of powerful special interests over the interests of regular people and their families. Sam and Megan get it. They have demonstrated throughout their careers a commitment to a fair and open justice system in Michigan that treats everyone equally."



Samuel Bagenstos has received the endorsement of #VOTEPROCHOICE, an organization that mobilizes voters who support access to essential health care services like birth control and safe, legal, and affordable abortion.  In 2017, #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed 60 candidates, sent out over 3 million #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guides, and texted with over 200,000 voters to help turn out the prochoice vote in elections from school board to statewide judicial races. Sixty percent of their endorsed candidates were elected.


Daily Kos

"Sam Bagenstos is a nationally respected civil rights lawyer who has won important victories for working people at all levels of the court system -- including the U.S. Supreme Court," said Daily Kos Political Editor and Senior Communications Advisor Carolyn Fiddler. "He will bring greater fairness and needed change to the Michigan Supreme Court."


American Federation of Teachers Michigan


Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters



Michigan AFSCME Council 25



Michigan Teamsters Joint Council #43


Michigan State Employees Association




Grand Rapids United Progressives


Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party



MI List -- MI Good Guys

With Donald Trump’s appointees taking over the federal courts, we can expect those courts to roll back protections of basic civil and constitutional rights. The state courts will be called on to step in and fill the gap. Sam Bagenstos has spent a career fighting for our basic rights.


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Oakland County Democratic Black Caucus



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