Daily Kos Endorses Samuel Bagenstos for Justice

In their first-ever endorsement of a judicial candidate, the progressive website Daily Kos has endorsed Samuel Bagenstos's campaign to serve as a Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

"Sam Bagenstos is a nationally respected civil rights lawyer who has won important victories for working people at all levels of the court system -- including the U.S. Supreme Court," said Daily Kos Political Editor and Senior Communications Advisor Carolyn Fiddler. "He will bring greater fairness and needed change to the Michigan Supreme Court."

In a post announcing the site's endorsement of Bagenstos (along with North Carolina Supreme Court candidate Anita Earls), Fiddler highlighted the important role of state supreme courts in deciding key disputes -- including those relating to allegations of unlawful gerrymandering.

"I'm exceptionally pleased to have received the endorsement of Daily Kos," Bagenstos said.  "Daily Kos has a vast reach among progressive activists across the country, and the site's endorsement of my candidacy underscores the national importance of this race."

Bagenstos is a University of Michigan law professor and civil rights lawyer who served in the Obama Administration's Department of Justice.  Early in his career, he served as a law clerk to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Samuel Bagenstos