Samuel Bagenstos Endorsed by #VOTEPROCHOICE

Picture of Samuel Bagenstos with text: Samuel Bagenstos, Running for Michigan Supreme Court, Election Date: November 6, 2018, #VOTEPROCHOICE

Samuel Bagenstos has received the endorsement of #VOTEPROCHOICE, an organization that mobilizes voters who support access to essential health care services like birth control and safe, legal, and affordable abortion.  In 2017, #VOTEPROCHOICE endorsed 60 candidates, sent out over 3 million #VOTEPROCHOICE Voter Guides, and texted with over 200,000 voters to help turn out the prochoice vote in elections from school board to statewide judicial races. Sixty percent of their endorsed candidates were elected.

"I'm proud to receive the endorsement of #VOTEPROCHOICE," said Bagenstos,  "I have devoted much of my career as a civil rights lawyer to fighting for women's equality and women's health care."

A former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and current University of Michigan law professor, Bagenstos is running for a seat on the Michigan Supreme Court in the November 6, 2018, election.  Bagenstos has been a civil rights lawyer for more than 20 years and believes in independent courts that stand up for your rights.

Sam Bagenstos