Michigan League of Conservation Voters Endorses Samuel Bagenstos for Justice

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters today announced that it is endorsing Samuel Bagenstos’s campaign to serve as a Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

“Article 4 of Michigan’s Constitution declares the natural resources of the state to be of ‘paramount public concern’ to the ‘health, safety, and general welfare of the people’ of Michigan,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director of Michigan LCV. “The stakes for our air, land, and water are incredibly high this November, and we need judges in the Michigan Supreme Court that will rule in accordance with the Constitution and the laws that protect our natural resources.”

“I am incredibly proud to receive the Michigan League of Conservation Voters’ endorsement,” said Bagenstos. “The Michigan Supreme Court plays a key role in deciding environmental law cases, and the Court is poised to hear a number of important matters involving the cleanliness and safety of our state’s water supply in the years to come.”

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that focuses on protecting Michigan’s land, air, and water.

Sam Bagenstos is a University of Michigan law professor and a civil rights lawyer. In his most notable environmental case, he represented Flint residents harmed by the city’s Water Crisis. When a federal judge threw their case out of court, Bagenstos took the case on appeal, obtained a reversal of the judge’s decision, and won them their day in court.

Samuel Bagenstos